Myths about the male masturbation


The sex, besides being an exercise, a way of expression and of construction of the identity for men and women, it is also an element of social change. When higher the knowledge that girls, young, men and women have about their sex and about their reproductive health, higher is the control that they have on their own fate.

For that reason, along the history it has been spread many myths about the sex that they are ways of social control. There are many myths elevated at the level of universal trues, which most of them are about the men’s sex, and more specifically about the male masturbation. Which are the main myths that circulate about the male masturbation?

Affects the health. It is said that when masturbating, men can damage their health due to the nutrients that are spent in the semen. It is also assured that it produces from anaemia and even up to blindness, passing through chronic weakness and infections in the feet due to the loss of the circulation. All of this is completely false. Of course that there is an energy consumption when practising sex with oneself, but men can be sure that the masturbation doesn’t damage the health in no way.

Decrease the sexual performance. According to this other myth, young and mature men who practice the masturbation will have a decrease in their performance level in the bed when practising sex women, as the sexual energy is lost as a consequence of the masturbation. All of this is also false. If you discharge your sexual energy before going to a hotel room with the woman of your dreams, higher is your capacity to focus on giving her pleasure and enjoying her company. Sex isn’t wore out.

It turns you into a pervert. Another wrong idea about the masturbation is that its abuse make men some obsessed people. Certainly no abuse is desirable or advisable, but there is no relation between the number of masturbations and the perversion. Far from it, the masturbation is for men (and for women) a way of facing the stress, releasing tensions, fighting the depression… In short, a way of finding a higher balance in the sexual life.

Now that you know about the lies behind the myths about the masturbation, it will result much more liberating its practice. If you want to know more about this subject, don’t doubt in consulting to the tantric masseuse of your closer massage center.

Lingam massage for men


The tantric massage art of the lingam is the best way of leading a man to a level of maximum well-being, absolute pleasure and plenitude. Do you imagine enjoying a moment full of pleasure where you could feel unique and unforgettable feelings? This exclusive massage for men not only allows waking up the five senses, but besides it allows enjoying a maximum state of relaxation.

Experimenting the feeling of touching the heaven is a feeling that many men have already enjoyed due to the lingam massage. The lingam, more known as the male sexual organ, has as the main aim to get the more intensend natural pleasure placer that you have never lived before. And it is that the men enjoy for the first theytime a lingam massage in their hotel room or in their erotic massage a center from the hand of a beautiful erotic masseuse, then realise the feelings that they hadn’t been missing.

Within the tantric sexuality, it can be said that the lingam massage is one of the most beautiful rites that there are, where it is cared each detail, each movement, to guarantee the full satisfaction and show a new way of feeling the body. The lingam massage is not a massage that can be performed by any person, as it requires having knowledge of the most ancient oriental techniques to get some unique results.

It is precisely for this reason that choosing to go to an erotic massage center will let you putting yourself on the hands of experts in the art of the erotic massage which will help you to submerge in a world of pleasure that surely you have never had the occasion to know it. The soft and delicate caresses that the masseuse will perform are without any doubt the best prelude to create a sublime and ideal climate to do this kind of massage.

Normally, this massage usually starts by the feet, after the legs, abdomen, chest, arms and head, to finally end by lowering up to the genital region. The key of the lingam massage is mainly in performing caresses to the lingam, as well as performing variations both in the pressure and velocity. The key is not in reaching an intense climax as soon as possible, it is rather the reverse; the key is to extend the pleasure to the maximum.

Many people can consider this kind of massage like simply pure masturbation, but
nothing could be more untrue, as the lingam massage looks for that the man be able to discover as well as know intense feelings that go beyond the physical level.